craftsman before and after | part 2

This laundry room off the kitchen we found out was originally a porch. They didn’t have indoor laundry back then, so when we took down the sheetrock in here we found siding and could see where there had originally been windows that wrapped all the way around. I wish I could go back in time and see this home during it’s first days!

We kept the siding and painted it Glidden Queen Anne’s Lace, picked solely because of it’s name.

We added wood french doors and stained them dark to match the original woodwork. Billy built an entry bench and added board and batten to the bathroom. We painted the bathroom Glidden skipping stone grey, which has made it’s way throughout the whole house in little ways and the exterior color of the tudor!

I love how much light the doors let in and being able to see outside from the kitchen is really beautiful and makes the space feel bigger.

I didn’t snap one, but I wish you could see a closer photo of the marble basketweave tile in the bath. Im obsessed!



Billy refinished the original cast iron tub using Rustoleum tub refinishing kit and it turned out so beautiful! I will forever love the marble basketweave tile and how it feels timeless, like its always belonged in this old home. We found the dresser at an antique store and turned it into the vanity with a sink from ebay and faucet fixtures from amazon.

a love letter to a house

Knowing we will be leaving this home in a few months or less has been making me savor the things I love most. Honestly, what is making it most difficult for me to leave here is the front porch. I’ve never had one and it wasn’t something we were looking for when we bought The Craftsman, but it’s come to be my most cherished space. Where we read books in the hammock, eat meals in the evening light and where so many wonderful days have been shared. Here is my love letter to you, my home.

Our beloved home,

You were our first home. We were 8 weeks pregnant when we first saw you and hoped with everything that we would get to call you our own. The home we celebrated the life in my belly and the home I labored for hours in until it was time to meet our girl. You are the home we brought our baby to after a week in the nicu. That first morning home in our bed, as three, I can’t even write it out without tears. It was the best moment of my life, hands down. Waking up with the morning light streaming in and seeing our girl sleeping between us. Me and Billy looked at each other and didn’t even speak, but we both felt the same. You’re the home where I feel like I’ve grown up, become a woman, a mama. Where I’ve been stretched and battled, loved and made new, always becoming something new.

I will always remember the night in our room before bed, holding Ivy and rocking her back and forth, kissing her neck and how she let out the sweetest giggle, her first laugh and we all just laughed together and kept kissing her. The home where Ivy took her first steps and looked at me with the brightest eyes of pride and surprise. I will never forget that joy we all felt.

You’re the home we found out we would have another little one in our life. Surprised, happy. You’re the home I’ve always hoped for and become the home I could have never dreamed of. You’re more than walls, you’re part of every good & perfect memory. You’re part of me for always.

Love you forever, the crazy lady with all the rugs.

For Sale! The Nelson Craftsman

The day has come. We are finally finished with the craftsman, our first home, after three years of renovations, two babies and flipping two other homes here in Grants Pass. It’s so bittersweet to let this gem go. She’s pulling all my heart strings as I put the for sale sign up yesterday.

Our favorite thing about this home is the porch and all the character that comes with old homes. Every home should have a front porch and this ones got a big porch with a view of our hills & sunset. We have made so many memories here and I hope we find someone who will love her as much as us. I’m not selling her to just anybody. Ha ha, there will be an interview process, jk, but seriously, if I dont like you, you cant have my house, but please come to our open house. LOL!

The Craftsman

3beds 1.5baths 1666 sq ft


You can also view the before & afters of the Kitchen and Living here & here

sneak peek | tudor before and after

This week we have been moving over slowly each day to the tiny tudor house. The house isn’t done, even though it feels like we are at the finish line, there is actually still a few more things to do. We were trying to move as quickly as we could because we are paying two house payments. Dont ask me how, it’s too scary to go there. So now that we are out of the craftsman house we can start finishing up the renovations we have left there. Starting with the bathroom and just finishing up some random fixes around the house, then we will be ready to sell this next month.

The tudor definitely isn’t ready for her after photos, but where we sleep is mostly done. The upstairs lofty room is my favorite part of the whole house. The cozy sloped ceilings and wide plank floors, the clawfoot tub! The upstairs was originally an attic and I’m just dying to show you the other side where the bathroom is! Until then…here is just a peek. We made a little sleeping nook for Ivy and she has so much fun in there! The embroidered name pillows are from this sweet etsy shop

…maybe you can spot baby #2’s name 😉

erickson family | grants pass orthodontics

There was something wonderfully different about this session, a feeling of calm joyfulness  & connection that shined out of them and it meant so much to me to be able to capture them just as they are. These parents are so very good and it was inspiring, moving to be able to see the love they have for their babies. This family is that salt of the town that you’re so thankful they are here and a part of where you live. Ashley is an amazing mother and teacher and Brent is an orthodontist. When I met him at my ortho consult it was so funny to think that people my age are doctors now, but here he was and he is so talented at his gift and has a heart for the people of our community. You just can’t help but love this family. You can view more of Brent’s work here, he’s seriously the best. I’ve had braces since August and I’m excited to share more of that journey with you.

Great outdoor photography! nice place.