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dearest new mama, this time is so exciting. it’s the most precious, difficult and beautiful time in your life… you are part of a miracle and this baby needs your love and care… you are this baby’s everything.  you are amazing!

For me, that first week home, baby was sleeping three hours at a time and never crying… i remember saying, “this is way easier than i thought!”.

Week three hit and baby girl turned into a little monster. crying every.waking.second.

We bounced, swaddled and shuuushed for 8 weeks straight. i wish i was over exaggerating, but there were days where she wouldn’t nap at all because her stomach hurt & there was little sleep at night. we were zombies!

Everyone might label this as “colic”, which just seems like a term used for a baby that cries a lot. our pediatrician eventually ended up saying it could be acid reflux and gave us a prescription for omeprazole. i hated giving her medicine, but i would do anything to give her some relief from pain & it helped a lot!

It’s heartbreaking, to see your baby cry in pain non stop and not be able to help them. babies digestive system isn’t developed yet. their nervous system and senses are developing too, which leads to the only way they know how to express themselves, crying.  Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset We thought it was acid reflux because every time we nursed she would break off the nipple & scream in pain, but then come back right away because she was still hungry. she would spit up a lot too, like 3-5 times after each feeding.

You’ll hear from some parents about their baby who only cries when they are hungry or not at all… try not to punch them. 😉

Most of all, just love on them and comfort them best you can. all you can really do is wait for them to out grow this phase. BUT here is a list of the things we could not live with out. even for a “normal” baby, these items, i feel like, are the must haves.

…and for those hopeless moments, just remember, it will get SO much better & try to cherish even those difficult days because, as you’ll hear a million times, “it goes by so fast” & it really does. at three months old we stopped giving her the prescription. she still spits up, but it’s now “happy spitting” and she is the happiest baby! just wait for that first smile and laugh, there is nothing sweeter in the whole world!

Newborn must haves!

Yoga ball to bounce baby in your arms.

Solly wrap– it’s so sweet to have them snuggled close.

Natursutten pacifier– it’s made from the rubber tree, so no bpa.

HALO sleep sack– so much faster than wrapping up a swaddle when they are screaming their head off and thrashing!

Tummy Calm– we tried every homeopathic remedy ever suggested to help our girl and this is the only one that helped (sometimes). helps with gas too, which is usually a big reason for crying. do lots of bicycle legs to help get farts out.

Acidophilus– a probiotic. helps their digestive system and immune system. add the recommended amount to water in a spoon and use a syringe or you can put the powder right on your nipple. if you or baby are on antibiotics, give acidophilus at a different time of the day or when you’re done using antibiotics to replenish the good bacteria in the gut.

Hydro Flask– because who has time to go get water and you need as much as you can for producing breast milk.

Fels Naptha– because baby poop stains. did not know that. and they always poop when you take off the diaper. i rub the bar on any stains, wash, repeat, till the stain comes out.

happiest baby on the block– there is a video or book. life.saver.

This nursing position– a few facebook friends sent me this link when i shared that baby was having tummy problems and this position changed everything! When I was pregnant, nursing was the think I looked forward to most, that connecting and sweet times together, but it was torture for her and for me to feel like my milk was causing her pain. You can cut out dairy-that’s so great, but also try this position because we went from unbearable nursing to sweet cuddles!

breast pump– i was so engorged when my milk first came in, i had to pump to get relief. you can save your milk & add it to solids once they start eating or for bottle feeding if you need to leave.

burp cloths– don’t underestimate the power of the cloth

a swing– “excuse me, which one of these swings the fastest?”. for a couple weeks, this was the only thing that brought relief or sleep for her.

Tucks wipes– for your downstairs. if you had a vaginal birth, these are amazing. they are made with witch hazel, which soothes and helps heal down there.

The Wonder Weeks– this app explains so much about each growth phase your baby is going through!

baby book & journal– document everything!

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This is a great list! That breastfeeding article is awesome!

This is a great list! That breastfeeding position article is awesome!

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