What to pack for delivery + our birth plan | oh baby!

A few essentials during labor and after birth that I loved:

A yoga ball- bouncing on one during labor helps bring baby’s head down, dilating your cervix more quickly. Check with where you’re delivering and they might have one already.

diaper bag

Nursing bra with a robe that can be easily removed- I was just naked, haha! I didn’t come prepared with laboring clothes and was so hot that I couldn’t keep the hospital gown on… but next time I’m packing a few more things to labor in. I was extremely hot than suddenly freezing, laboring in and out of a tub, so having something comfortable and that you can remove quickly is helpful.

Witch hazel wipes– for your face and your downstairs after labor to sooth and promote healing. I just couldn’t live with out these. After delivery its painful to sit or even walk, dont get me started on pooping. These wipes soothe your lady parts and cleanse in a natural way while healing.

Period undies– who wants to wear giant paper underwear with a huge pad? Bringing several pairs of period undies sounds so much more comfortable.

Nursing pads & extra nursing bra- bring more than you think you need of this one. We ending up needing to stay at the hospital a week in the nicu and I was not prepared for that. I was drenched in dried milk and tears for days. Being in the nicu is so tough. Every meal and clean shirt people brought us meant so much.

Yoga pants or something stretchy & comfortable to wear home.

Minerbs mama bundle. The mama glow serum and rose water are my favorite products to indulge in.

Infant car seat- My sister in law just bought this one in ‘moon birch’ and I think it’s so cute. We initially bought a convertible carseat but it was still too big for our new little girl so Billy had to run to wal-mart and grab an infant one 🙂

Something comfortable for baby & a swaddle- bring a couple sizes in case one doesn’t fit. My friends shop will always be my favorite. Her soft bamboo newborn things are so sweet.

pacifier – just in case. I didn’t get to stay the night with Ivy her first two nights (biggest heart break of my life) so Im glad I packed this paci. Its a natural rubber from a tree.

You can bring music and essential oil diffuser or anything to create that atmosphere you want to bring your baby into.

A printed out birth plan. This saved me because we had to deliver at a hospital we had never been to and with a different dr. than planned. Being able to hand over my birth plan to the nurses on staff made everything so smooth. All the nurses honored my wishes and supported me.


Healthy snacks or have family/friends bring you things. Hospital food is not the best! I just discovered these lactation bars from Oat Mama that I want to try the next time around.

Personal toilettries

Massage oil

Hair tie

A camera

Baby book for footprints and to write anything down if you have time. Artifact Uprising just came out with this cute one. Love this Promptly one as well!

Our birth plan if you need it to help come up with your own.

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