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Sisters, these two. The kind of women you know and can never have enough of. Their light & way of seeing life, beauty makes them so dear to me, my soul sisters (actually Billy’s sisters- but, I know, meant for me all along).

Flowers, plants, are in our bones, wrapped around us.

Grandpa Nelson had fields of gladiolas & a little yellow flower truck. Growing up, all the Nelson children, plants at their feet, ran through the paths of their father’s nursery, surrounded by hills & every potted plant imaginable.

I think some things are just in our blood, a calling that’s been there since the beginning and one that when you listen to it, you find your life’s joy. All of us siblings have big dreams and somehow they all align with each others. It’s taken time to grow up & we’ve grown together. We have visions of land, wild, open and sprawling green. Flowers, a nursery, a river, a homestead. Sharing our days and to see all our children grow, wildly and together. Living simply and sharing what we have with each other. Im excited to see what the rest of our lives will hold.

So I’d like to share part of this big dream. My sisters, Hannah & Sarah of Vild Blomma Floral, the name inspired by their Scandinavian ancestry, means ‘wild flowers’. Their garden is humble, but full of color, just like their spirits. You can follow along on their Instagram to see more of their beautiful garden, arrangements and faces!

Aprons from Portland Apron Co.

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