essential oils

essential oils are trendy these days…everybody knows somebody who is selling them. which is wonderful! i am a bit obsessed & love using them in our home, but they can be so expensive.

i feel like i have a secret that’s too good to be true…but it is! after my starter kit from YL ran out (didn’t take long) ha! i wanted more, but couldn’t imagine paying $30+ for each bottle. for the last 6 months i have been using Eden’s Garden essential oils. and you guys, they are amazing!

they are stored in amber bottles

100% pure therapeutic grade

not tested on animals

no additives, preservatives, chemicals or gmos

they give 10% back to charity

and best of all, affordable!

love this quote from the CEO, “my dream was to build a business that valued people over profit and dealt honestly while offering direct access to the many benefits of essential oils.”

you can read more about the owner, Grace, on Eden’s Garden website. she sounds so sweet!

i’ll be sharing how we use them in the home in future posts! 2015-12-14 09.58.50

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I’ve never used oils myself before but I just bought a bottle of Frankincense because I’ve heard that it’s amazing for the skin. I was browsing all over Amazon for Essential Oils that won’t break the bank and this was the brand that I just happened to stumble upon! Thank you for the post, it’s nice to have another honest review of this brand, I can’t wait to try them out myself and I look forward to seeing how you use them. ^_^

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