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You could call me type A about some things, or most things. I have lists for my lists, am never late, I’m very passionate & emotional and I give up easy if I don’t feel like Im doing the absolute best. I don’t alphabetize my movies (maybe I should?), I’ve just recently started hanging my clothes according to color (thanks Julia) and I do have a Monica closet for all the things that just dont have a place. I am writing this post in¬†September when Christmas still feels so far away, don’t you just think I’m the coolest! Maybe #12 will convince you. ūüėČ

Giving gifts is part of my love language and I really enjoy the process of knowing my people and giving them something they will appreciate.

Here are some gift ideas for her. All these items are things we truly love around here!

1)¬† Sprouted Kitchen cookbook by the sweetest couple. He’s a photographer, she’s a chef and together they made this beautiful delicious book. We love these two¬†cookbooks as well Minimalist Baker & Oh She Glows!

2) Bialetti stovetop coffee maker. It’s how Italians drink their coffee so it’s cool right?…¬† I can never go back to a coffee pot. It honestly makes the best coffee we have ever had.

3) Esther Clark art prints– I just ordered her calendar!

4) Essential oil diffuser. We love this one and it doesn’t require water! You can also get some oils to go along with it here.

5) Bedford Convertible Backpack

6) Lotta Clogs– every girl needs a good pair of clogs!

7) French market bagРagain, every girl needs a cute market bag!

8) Patina Farm’s book– if she loves provincial design, she’ll love this book of a French style home & garden designed by a couple in the heart of Ojai.

9) Koko rose & a good pair of clippers. I know I’m not the only lady under 60 obsessed with roses ūüėČ

10) Hammered copper cookware set

11) Minerbs Mama Glow Serum–¬†I have never smelled anything so wonderful. I add it to my moisturizer and some days just wear it as perfume. It’s divine!

12)¬†A taser stun gun thingy- Im not very comfortable around guns, but having this makes me feel safer.¬†I love taking this on hikes(cougars, bears, creepers!) and just keeping it in a safe, but accessible place in our home makes me feel so much better (like when people from Craigslist come over, I greet them with my taser, bahahaha). It’s a flashlight and also has a switch to turn on the stun gun function. You have to press the metal pins on the end of the flashlight against the person, press the button to stun them and you can get away! I’ll say it one more time, every girl should have one of these! Now if only I could get Billy to let me test it on him.

13) Floral Fossils by Ron NicoleРThe woman, everything she makes is magic and I am absolutely in love(obsessed) with her art form. She also creates fossils from flowers delivered to her. So you can preserve wedding flowers or even a stem of something really meaningful to you.

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