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Skin, it’s our largest organ, absorbing everything we put on it & into our bloodstream within seconds.  It’s overwhelming to begin the process of finding a skin care regimen that works, all the while having to read every ingredient, whether it’s tested on animals, ethically sourced, laden with dyes and chemicals…and if you’re like me, reading every review. Its daunting and I think it’s way more complicated than it should be.

Thinking simply is best in a lot of situations and what we put on and in our bodies is one of them.

Think of things that only have a few ingredients. Natural elements from the earth. The things we think are doing us good, like sunscreen, shouldn’t be in fact causing the very thing we are trying to prevent-sickness, cancer, disease.

It starts from the inside. What we put into our bodies matters.

Food is medicine.

So I wanted to share the things I love most because it’s not complicated, expensive, or sponsored. It’s real and it’s simple.

Water- drink it. All day. In a big bottle. I carry it with me everywhere and Billy calls me a camel, although I’m more like a water buffalo. Our skin is made up of 64% water!

Vitamins- you can eat foods with them & buy supplements. Zinc has changed my skin. I have never had bad acne, but always something going on especially with the change in hormones while being pregnant and nursing. Taking 50-100mg a day keeps any blemish away 😉

Also Vitamin C!
“The antioxidant properties of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health. Dietary and topical ascorbic acid have beneficial effects on skin cells, and some studies have shown that vitamin C may help prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced photo damage.”

I love SolarRay brand of vitamins- their capsules are made of vegetable cellulose instead of gelatin which is derived from animal bones & hoofs.

You do not need an expensive serum, although it’s nice to indulge in that special product that just makes you feel beautiful. I love adding a few drops of frankincense  or MinErbs mama glow to my routine. They both have so many healing benefits to our skin with the bonus of making you feel amazing and beautiful. And both of those companies are owned by amazing women who care more about people than profit.

Working in a spa atmosphere most of my 20s, my biggest take away about skin was so simple and it was moisture. My naive young self always thought that if my face was clean and dry that it simply shouldn’t break out, but having no moisturizer actually was the root cause of my breakouts. My skin was trying to compensate and would over produce oils to moisturize my face. Finding something good and not clogging (non comedogenic) or full of harmful ingredients, but most importantly to me, not tested on animals, was a task! What I love the most is Jason vitamin E oil. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, etc. and their company helps others in need. They are just wonderful and it gives my skin that supple glow. It also smells so amazing! I use it on Ivy everyday also, because it is the only thing I can put on her face that doesn’t cause a rash.

The other staples on my shelf that are so key for me:

Kiss my Face- Face cleanser & I use this lotion, even on my face. I love this brand!

Witch Hazel– So pure, so natural. I splash this on my face as a toner after every shower or even just through out the day. You can mix it with rose water and it’s so refreshing, cleansing and sanitizes your skin without drying it out. It heals and cleanses. I wouldn’t want to live with out it!

Baking Soda– Too simple right? If I feel like my skin isn’t very smooth, I just mix a tablespoon or so with a little water to make a face scrub in the shower and scrub for a couple minutes. You’ll never have smoother skin! Baking soda balances the Ph of your skin and has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It also works for diaper rash, sunburns and adding it to a babies bath water if they have eczema helps with itchy skin. It’s really a miracle substance.

Rose Water– use as a perfume or just something that is uplifting and refreshing

Aloe Vera– I keep on hand for any burn or irritation. I use this on Ivy every day also to heal our frequent perioral dermatitis. It’s so healing! I once got the worst burn while cooking, nothing could sooth the horrible pain except aloe!

Hair & body wash– I just steal Ivy’s because it smells so good!

I don’t use sunscreen- just wear a hat, sunnies and stay in the shade. The sun is good for you, Vit D! Most mineral make-up has some spf! If you absolutely need sunscreen, look for a mineral sunscreen like this one.

My favorite mineral makeup of all, Jane Iredale.

This toothpaste– free from sodium laurel sulfate & fluoride

Knowing the products we bring into our home, what they are made of, where they came from and that they are not harmful to myself or anyone in the process of production- is so important. The more care we take in our choices of consuming, the better our world will become. Where we buy food, our clothes, even our coconut oil, ask yourself where is this sourced, what process did this go through to get to me.

We are part of the process as a consumer and when we choose instead to make the ethical choice, to choose the products that are created with integrity, we make a difference. We can change the world by demanding what is right with the ways in which we choose to spend our money.


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