cloth diaper wash routine

Here is our wash routine for cloth diapers. im sure it will change once she is eating solids, but this has been working great these first 6 months!

we keep all the soiled diapers in a wet bag.

separate diapers from inserts & put them all in the washer on cold water,  prewash/soak cycle with one scoop of detergent.

< i use Bio Kleen laundry powder. love love it! its natural, smells really light and wonderful, no animal testing and is gentle on the earth. >

second wash on regular clothes cycle with hot water & one scoop of detergent.

dry like normal. in summer you can hang dry outside to get rid of poo stains.

When i first started cloth diapering i wasn’t doing a pre wash cycle first and Ivy was getting a rash. so definitely do two cycles! The hot cycle is really important 🙂





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