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At the end of every year one of my favorite things is to come up with a reading list for the coming year. My list was a bit different for 2016 as Ivy is becoming a toddler- I’ve been more interested in learning about parenting and how to nurture her ever changing brain. These are my favorites from this year and about all I had time to read with my beautiful wild child.

A Natural History of the Senses– Beautiful, my favorite of the year. Im still making my way through this one, but so far every page is so poetic and delicious to indulge in. Also, wouldn’t you just buy this because of the cover? Yes, Im that person!

Windows of the Soul–  I read this every year-the words are something my heart needs to hear over and over. After I read this for the first time I bought multiple copies just to give to all my friends, it’s so good!

Milk & Honey– poems. pain. love. strength. beauty. Rupi Kaur is a goddess.

Unselfie– EVERY parent and teacher needs a copy of this. It’s about empathy, teaching this to our children and how instilling this value can change their life. There are so many tools in this book to help our children succeed in the right way. It’s fascinating. I can’t help but think about how incredible it is to read a book like this, something someone has spent their entire lives doing studies and research for, and I get to devour it in a few days. What a gift!

Quiet– understanding an introvert personality, really insightful! It’s packed full of information about personalities and people. It’s helped me understand myself and so many others. It talks about how historically we’ve been shaped to think an extrovert personality is more desirable, but that the qualities of an introvert personality are actually really valuable and have shaped history and our country. It’s hard to explain this book in a few sentences, but theres a lot of good stuff in there!

The Whole Brain Child– a must read! This book has made me feel 100% better prepared for the years ahead and understanding the development of our child’s brain while giving me tools to help nurture. I love this quote from the book.

“Too often we forget that discipline really means to teach, not to punish. A disciple is a student, not a recipient of behavioral consequences.” – Daniel Siegel

and Big Magic– no description necessary. Just read it, do it, buy it, magic.





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