craftsman backyard inspiration plans

With the cape cod flip almost finished & Spring just a couple months away, my mind has been dreaming up garden plans for our back yard. These past two years it’s basically been used to dump all the things we’ve been tearing out of the house. There’s bricks, lath and plaster, piles of debris & even a tub we are planning to refinish someday for our upstairs bath. This is the dream…

Tuscan travertine patio with a pergola over head and clematis vines growing wild. I love silvery and rich emerald greens, so there’s plans for lots of boxwood, lavender and white flowers. All the white flowers! I have never been so excited for Spring to arrive. This will be our first time having a back yard in our whole 8 years of marriage- so we have lots of ideas and I’m looking forward to all the summer evenings picking flowers with Ivy & family gathered around a farm table ( Parenthood fantasy ).


I swear we are not hoarders, but this is what our backyard looks like right now. My dad just helped us trim our big sycamore tree to let in more light for the seasons ahead. Cannot wait! You can follow more of what’s inspiring me on my Pinterest

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