craftsman kitchen | before & after

You guys! I’ve been waiting two years to reveal this room because it’s honestly taken that long to complete the kitchen. When Ivy was a newborn I decided to list the kitchen cabinets on Craigslist thinking nobody could possibly want these, but hoping to  get rid of them. If there’s something (positive) I’ve learned about CL so far it’s this; If you have something you don’t want to deal with, list it for free or really cheap to have somene come take it apart and haul it away… someone will come take care of it for you. I did that with a shed, a BARN, cabinets and they gave ME money while we didn’t lift a finger, muahahaha! Ok, so it’s taken two years because once a room in our house is somewhat functional we like to not complete the last details to finish it off, but this year we can finally say the kitchen is finished.

The before was my personal nightmare, although we did have several people comment that they loved the kitchen when we moved in. One of my closest friends even said, ‘this is so you’. I was honestly thinking, ‘do you know me at all!!!’, anyways, we are not friends anymore, just kidding. It was so dark in there that you couldn’t see all the spider webs in every corner. Under four layers of flooring was original wood, but it was really damaged so most of it is new doug fir that we found to match the rest in the house. The walls were faux brick, the counters were black laminate(with texture) and once the cabinets were out we found mouse poop everywhere. They had been coming in the holes around the sink pipe and nesting. AH!

We were crazy to undertake this all with a newborn. Billy brought the room down to studs, sheet rocked the room and laid new wood floors. The cabinets are the stock ones from home depot and we had custom shaker doors made by a woodworker here locally. They’re painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

Kitchen renos are tough. One thing I recommend is consider re-doing your kitchen in summer so you can utilize a bbq for cooking. We used a rice cooker and had too many microwave dinners. Annie’s mushroom risotto became my fast fave. 🙂

We didn’t take down walls in this house. I might be the only one, but I do not love open floor plans. I love it to flow and I love lofty open spaces, but I also love old homes and how each room has it’s function and coziness.

Here are the long awaited before & afters!

sink & faucet: ikea

cupboards, hardware, appliances: home depot

cupboard doors: David Lipham Cabinets

pendant light: ebay

light fixture: overstock

marble shelves: pottery barn

‘give thanks’ tapestry: victoria krav

apron: portland apron company

cutting boards: Billy whipped them up real quick for me this morning. man, i love that man!

essential oils: eden’s garden

diffuser: amazon






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Very cute! Isn’t it crazy how long house projects take before they’re finished? I just stumbled onto your blog from your old post on the Blue Door Salon 🙂 I’m here in town too! And we’re mid remodel, but thankfully we aren’t living in the mess, we have a 5th wheel we’re living in haha. Happy to have found you, I’m enjoying your blog!

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