before & after | the craftsman part 1

Two years ago we bought our first home. I remember the day we moved in was a family event with every Nelson and Grush helping us. It was momentous for us- 5 months pregnant standing on the porch of our first home where we would start our family & create so many memories within these walls.

We got right to work trying to do as much we could before Ivy’s arrival. The dining/living area was first. The original wood floors were painted white, but preserved all these years under carpet. Billy sanded them down and they are one of my favorite things about our home. A lot of the molding was torn out, but these big picture windows were still intact, so we re-created the molding throughout the room from wood found at a salvage yard and stained it to match. I will forever love old homes and restoring all the character and history they hold.

The day we moved in ^ 🙂

Throughout the demo process, the reoccurring question was, why!?, Why would you board up these cute little windows? The entire downstairs walls were covered in these tongue and groove cedar planks + popcorn ceiling + the biggest brick hearth you’ll ever see. I like to call the theme the original owners were going for, ‘medieval dungeon/I love sconces’ and they did such a good job. It was so dark, but now it’s filled with so much light!

Billy just finished tiling and building a new mantel for the fireplace and I painted it a dusty grey green. I love brick but this wasn’t my favorite. Our goal is to always stay true to the style of the house so we added these wood details to make it feel craftsman. We still have a few things to finish in this space, like window hardware & a new front door. If we ended up living here a while I would love to move the TV out of this room and upstairs so that the living space could be focused more on connection. It’s so easy to just turn the tv on, but I feel like if it was out of sight it would become more of a special occasion instead of, lets just turn it on because we are bored.

We’ve been in this house a little over two years now and it’s been a slow process renovating our first home. I love being able to share all the hard work we’ve been doing, so stay tuned for more. We are finishing the backyard, last details in the kitchen, then onto the laundry room and bathroom!





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