pennington farms | grants pass, oregon

Pennington farms is a family owned berry farm & bakery just outside Grants Pass on William Hwy. I spent a couple years making jam on their antique pink oven, dreaming of the day I would someday get to bring my future children here and spoil them with cookies and berries. The orange glazed tea cakes are something other worldly Im telling you! I think back fondly on my jamming days, missing the smell of strawberry jam and the process of jarring up every variety of berry. You can order over the phone if you live out of the area or the bakery is open monday-saturday till 3pm. They also bring all their goodies to the grower’s market each week, but definitely plan a trip out to the barn and experience the aroma of fresh jam and pies for yourself.







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Oh I love Pennington Farms! They’re pies might just be the best pies I’ve ever had. I drive by there every week on my way to work, but I don’t get to stop as often as I’d like 🙂

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