Gabrielle & Elijah Wedding | Oregon Film Photographer

Photography: Laura Nelson | Venue: Private Residence | Flowers: Branches & Vine Floral | Hair: Mattie Lee
Makeup: Joshua Snook | Cake: Dash Bakery | Dress: Sottero & Midgley | Invitation: Sarah Mae 

I just found your work and absolutely love it. Beautiful style, your work invokes a sense of calm and grace

Teri Hartnell- Nelson

These are gorgeous photos- love the colors, scenery and atmosphere.

min.erbs | Brand Photography

Photographing min.erbs felt like a true expression of my creativity. It’s a brand that represents integrity, quality, healing & is so beautifully crafted! I connected with it wholly and I am so proud and inspired by the women who have started this delicious line of skin care.  Getting to be a small part by photographing the process and products they create was a true joy! It was honestly one of the funnest days getting to play with so many rich and creamy products, you won’t want to miss getting your hands on these yummies. All of their products are hand crafted with natural ingredients for mama & baby.

You can check out their website Here & instagram Here

branches & vine floral | southern oregon florist

It happened like many familiar modern love stories. We found each other on instagram. Intrigued by her hellebores and the startling fact that I found a florist under forty in my town, I knew we had to meet. I messaged her at once with hopes of days ahead filled with frolicking in fields and foraged flowers. 🙂 Her reply was matched by equal excitement and we had a plan to meet up. As I walked to her house just a few blocks away I couldn’t believe as I approached that she lived in the yellow victorian I had admired for years! That among so many other little things we have in common as lead to a friendship so cherished and Im so happy to introduce my kindred spirit, Becca of Branches and Vine Floral!

beach day





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So lovely, Laura! You are so lucky to be able to spend an afternoon at the coast! For us it requires hours and hours of driving. Totally worth it when we have a free weekend!! But definitely not a day trip.

However! We did take a day trip to “Nelson” British Columbia earlier this month. The name reminded me of you as we were driving! It’s a really quaint little town. It reminds me of Ashland or Hood River… Maybe a little less charming, but still so cute and quaint. There are some hot springs north of Nelson that are fun to visit this time of year when it is cold and snowy. And delicious tacos! (In Nelson.)