pregnancy essentials

Mama! Growing a baby. Is there anything more miraculous?! I will forever be in awe of how incredible our bodies are and that we get to be a part of this beautiful miracle.


Here’s a few things that I loved during those nine months!


Ina may’s Guide to Childbirth

The womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Supernatural Childbirth – if your spiritual and fearful. I was so afraid of miscarrying again, the verses and hope in this book helped.

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, we took a three month class with a Bradley instructor and it was one of the best decisions! You can check here to find a class in your area.

Happiest Baby on the Block

Bringing Up Bebe– just for fun 🙂

Hydro flask– keeps your water ice cold, forever! So amazing during those summer days!

Sea-Band– I was pretty nauseous from week 7 to 13 and these helped a lot!

Food journal- once you are out of that first trimester it’s good to start getting those 80grams of protein a day
(now that you can eat more than a grape without throwing up) and keeping a journal makes it easy to add up the grams! You can google any food and it will tell you the grams of protein.


Minerbs mama bundle. The mama glow serum and rose water are my favorite products to indulge in.

Protein powder– all I ever wanted to eat was fruit (& doughnuts) so smoothies were my go to and you can add so many extra things to get protein. I love hemp and pumpkin seed protein powder (whey is from cows milk, so we don’t use it) you can also add chia seeds, hemp hearts and spirulina powder! Having a smoothie helped my morning sickness so much. Having it first thing before the nausea would hit would actually prevent it for me.

Coconut oil or any carrier oil you can find at your health food store. Jojoba is a good base oil and doesn’t clog pores. I was a bit ocd with slathering my belly all day long, but I didn’t get one stretch mark (don’t hate me, I do have one boob bigger than the other now, soooo). Keep it on hand so you can rub it on your belly (dont forget your breasts too!) whenever it itches, instead of scratching, which can lead to stretch marks.

Peppermint oil– I would just carry this around with me that first trimester to smell when I was feeling nauseous

Pregnancy journal– writing to your future babe. The excitement, the struggles and joy, write it all. How amazing will it be for your child to be able to read about this precious time when they were in your belly!

Pregnancy tea after first trimester. Raspberry leaf helps tone the uterus to make for more efficient contractions during labor.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy massage- perfectly safe and so good for you! There are a couple trigger points that stimulate the uterus and your therapist knows them and that they are contraindicated for you…unless you’re at the end and trying anything to start labor:) While you’re at it, schedule a massage for after delivery. The day after Ivy was born it felt like I had whiplash from pushing for so long.

Prenatal vitamin, DHA, Iron (make sure to take iron a while after eating and not with any dairy because dairy binds it. Take iron with orange juice. Read this article here to learn more about folate vs folic acid.

You live in stretchy pants most days, but it’s nice to dress up the bump once in a while. ASOS has super cute maternity clothes!

A nice body pillow to place between your knees while you sleep. Your joints are more loose, your belly is big and it can be so uncomfortable to sleep. My hips hurt so bad in bed but placing a pillow between them relieved that pressure on my hips.


christmas tree hunt

every year after Thanksgiving our whole family piles into the car & we drive through the mountains in search of that perfectly quirky tree. it’s my favorite tradition!

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Merry Christmas!

cloth diaper wash routine

Here is our wash routine for cloth diapers. im sure it will change once she is eating solids, but this has been working great these first 6 months!

we keep all the soiled diapers in a wet bag.

separate diapers from inserts & put them all in the washer on cold water,  prewash/soak cycle with one scoop of detergent.

< i use Bio Kleen laundry powder. love love it! its natural, smells really light and wonderful, no animal testing and is gentle on the earth. >

second wash on regular clothes cycle with hot water & one scoop of detergent.

dry like normal. in summer you can hang dry outside to get rid of poo stains.

When i first started cloth diapering i wasn’t doing a pre wash cycle first and Ivy was getting a rash. so definitely do two cycles! The hot cycle is really important 🙂





diaper rash remedy

our little lady has sensitive skin & i just couldn’t get rid of her diaper rash. even switching to cloth diapers didn’t work.

during her bath i mix water and baking soda in my hand to create a paste and rub her diaper area. i do it every evening and the rash hasn’t come back. voila!

you can also add it to the bath water to help itchy skin if your babe has eczema. IMG_4002

new mama must haves | acid reflux baby

Dearest new mama, this time is so exciting. It’s the most precious, difficult and beautiful time in your life… you are part of a miracle and this baby needs your love and care… you are this baby’s everything.  YOU are amazing!

For me, that first week home, baby was sleeping three hours at a time and never crying… i remember saying, “this is way easier than i thought!”.

Week three hit and baby girl started feeling completely un happy… crying every.waking.second. Day & night she screamed and it broke my heart.

We bounced, swaddled and shuuushed for 8 weeks straight. I wish i was over exaggerating, but there were days where she wouldn’t nap at all because her stomach hurt & there was little sleep at night if any. We were zombies!

Everyone might label this as “colic”, which just seems like a term used for a baby that cries a lot. our pediatrician eventually ended up saying it could be acid reflux and gave us a prescription for omeprazole. i hated giving her medicine, but i would do anything to give her some relief from pain & it helped a lot!

It’s heartbreaking, to see your baby cry in pain non stop and not be able to help them. Baby’s digestive systems are not fully developed yet. Their nervous system and senses are developing too, which leads to the only way they know how to express themselves, crying. We thought it was acid reflux because every time we nursed she would break off the nipple & scream in pain, but then come back right away because she was still hungry and wanting to sooth her stomach with nursing. She would spit up a lot too, like 3-5 times after each feeding. She couldn’t sleep or nurse on her back. We eventually found a nursing position that changed my life (link below) and I found a way for her to sleep that soothed her: After bouncing her upright on a yoga ball (upright to help digestion), I would lay in bed with her body draped across my stomach/chest. The pressure on her stomach helped her sleep through the whole night and when she was hungry she would just nuzzle her way up and nurse, then fall back to sleep. Sleep, finally! We slept like this till she was about four months old every night and for naps and then she was finally able to sleep on her back when she was a bit older.

Most of all, just love on them and comfort them best you can. All we can really do is wait for them to out grow this phase. BUT here is a list of the things we could not live with out. Even for a “normal” baby, these items, I feel like, are the must haves.

…and for those hopeless moments, just remember, it will get SO much better & try to cherish even those difficult days because, as you’ll hear a million times, “it goes by so fast” & it really does. at three months old we stopped giving her the prescription. she still spits up, but it’s now “happy spitting” and she is the happiest baby! just wait for that first smile and laugh, there is nothing sweeter in the whole world!

Newborn must haves!

Yoga ball to bounce baby in your arms. You can only bounce on the foot of your bed for so many hours. This saved me.

Solly wrap– it’s so sweet to have them snuggled close.

Natursutten pacifier– it’s made from the rubber tree, so no bpa.

HALO sleep sack– so much faster than trying to swaddle

Tummy Calm– we tried every homeopathic remedy ever suggested to help our girl and this is the only one that helped (sometimes). helps with gas too, which is usually a big reason for crying. do lots of bicycle legs to help get farts out.

Acidophilus– a probiotic. helps their digestive system and immune system. add the recommended amount to water in a spoon and use a syringe or you can put the powder right on your nipple. if you or baby are on antibiotics, give acidophilus at a different time of the day or when you’re done using antibiotics to replenish the good bacteria in the gut.

Hydro Flask– Mama needs all the water she can get for producing milk.

happiest baby on the block– there is a video or book. LIFE SAVER!

This nursing position– a few facebook friends sent me this link when i shared that baby was having tummy problems and this position changed everything! When I was pregnant, nursing was the thing I looked forward to most, that connection and sweet moments together, but it was torture for her and for me to feel like my milk was causing her pain. You can cut out dairy-that’s so great, but also try this position because we went from unbearable nursing to sweet cuddles!

breast pump– Your hospital might have one to loan out or sometimes your insurance will even cover one. This saved me those first two nights of her life I couldn’t sleep with her so I could pump colostrum to give her the next day and help my milk come in. Freshly pumped milk lasts for around 6 hours in a bottle which is really helpful while traveling or even just going on a quick walk with baby.

burp cloths– You can’t have enough of these if your baby has acid reflux.

a swing-. At times a swing was the only thing that brought relief or sleep for her.

Tucks wipes– for your downstairs. if you had a vaginal birth, these are amazing. they are made with witch hazel, which soothes and helps heal down there.

The Wonder Weeks– this app explains so much about each growth phase your baby is going through and helps you understand what is going on in their brains and bodies with each “storm”.

baby book & journal– document everything! Love this journal as well. It documents their life through age 18 and they have one for adoption too. Aloe Vera: Having this on hand for all the rashes that pop up is a life saver. Baking soda works wonders too on diaper rash.

A dock-a-tot– once Ivy was able to sleep on her back this is great for co-sleeping

A stroller

Infant Carseat is the sweetest and one of the safest car seats out there. We just bought one in heather grey!

Mother’s milk tea  Keep taking your prenatal too! Finding a prenatal with folate instead of synthetic folic acid is important for development of the baby especially if you have the mthfr mutation gene. Ask your doctor if you can be tested for that gene mutation at your next appointment and you can read more about that here.


This is a great list! That breastfeeding article is awesome!

This is a great list! That breastfeeding position article is awesome!