craftsman bathroom & laundry design

Our laundry and downstairs bath are in demo stage as I write! House covered in dust, we are almost through the five layers of flooring on top of the original hardwoods. We are adding french doors opening out to the back yard and doing this diy board and batten for that craftsman feel in both rooms & eventually our stairway.

Having a craftsman I’ve been looking at lots of stained glass just to add back into the house a little color here and there while keeping to the era of the home. And I’ve fallen in love with it, it’s detail, each piece colored and cut to create a design and cast beautiful light. There are some really pretty pieces. This one above is from wayfair. I love white and neutral colors, natural textures, so adding in color with these is really fun. Each room will also have some kind of dark stained wood piece to have the whole house feel cohesive. The only original molding when we moved in was the two picture windows in the living room and some door casings. We want to carry that dark wood through out the house with the bathroom vanity, the french doors in the laundry room, re-sanding the stair treads and staining them the dark Kona color from Home Depot.

A couple other projects we are doing is refinishing an old clawfoot tub from craigslist and trying to fit in a standup shower next to it. I found this really pretty grey green paint color in the swatch above and it’s going to be added throughout the house. To me, craftsman is a really masculine style house with heavy dark molding. Ours doesn’t have a lot of the dark and is mostly light and bright, so I wanted to add this warmer, but still neutral color throughout to give it something special. Im painting the fireplace mantle, some of the board and batten and perhaps the kitchen cupboards all this color. Im kind of crazy about it!

Other images are from pinterest if you want to try and track down the sources…


Alex Apland Pottery | Makers of Oregon

Our town is small, but full. Full of so many makers, people pursuing their art and helping others along the way. Alex is a potter and every year she holds a dinner, making bowls for a benefit called, Soup for the Soul. Local restaurants make soup and our community comes together supporting the homeless by filling their own unique bowl. The money from each bowl purchased goes to feeding the homeless.

before & after | cape cod kitchen & bath

In November we finally closed on a tiny cottage here in our home town, just a few blocks from where we live. It’s our first flip, not counting the house we are living in, and Billy worked day & night to finish it in just four months ( wishfully hoping it would close before our taxes were due) #selfemploymentproblems also #cryingourselvestosleep over the chunk we owe this year. We hired out the exterior paint and roofing, but other than that we did everything else!

So here it is! This sweet little house is just under 900 sq ft, 2br & 1 tiny beautiful bath.

If anyone is interested in more details about the buying process, rehab breakdown/cost and all that stuff, let me know and maybe we can put together a post like that!

Ok, here we go!

The kitchen…

What we love most about flipping a house is not the “flipping” at all, I don’t really love that word because in my head I don’t really see dollar signs and shortcuts or cover ups for a quick profit. We love the restoration part. Making the character in these old bones shine again. This is just the beginning of our remodeling journey and I’m so excited to see where it takes us. The joy I find is this: seeing something that used to be there and bringing it back in a fresh way while at the same time creating a beautiful place for a family to live and making our little town just a little bit more beautiful again. These wood floors were covered with a few layers of flooring and Billy sanded them down, they are like new again! We kept the upper cabinets and added in a few things, like the clawfoot tub, school house lights & restoring all the ropes for the pulley windows. All these things enhanced and complimented the old charm of the home, and at the same time are still really beautiful and now functional.


The breakfast nook/laundry area


and the bathroom!

You can view this post to see all the bathroom sources & paint colors and this post for the kitchen.

Other sources:

Bathroom tub & Sink: Signature Hardware

Blue linen napkins: Not Perfect Linen

Bathroom towels and towel hook, all faucets, market bag, bathroom floor tile: Amazon

Bathroom baby products: Minerbs made here in Oregon!

Bathroom mirror, vases, baskets, brass kitchen hooks, bistro chair, vintage botanical prints: Thrifted

Tub shelf, nook table, nook bench/pillows, laundry tabletop, range hood cover: We made them 🙂

Laundry print: My print shop!

Kitchen rug: Ikea

Cookbook: Sprouted Kitchen

Nook shelves: Cascade Iron co. an Oregon shop

Aprons: Portland Apron co. aslo an Oregon shop

Kitchen counters, backsplash, appliances and pretty much everything we used to rehab: Home Depot aka our second home

Lights, kitchen sink: Wayfair & Overstock

Interior Paint: Glidden Exterior by Happy Homes Painting: Sherwin Williams (photos to come)

Roof by Church Roofing


cape cod house | renovation progress

This last week we finished tiling the bathroom. If you’ve been following along, we were going to shiplap the bathroom, but decided to subway tile instead for better moisture protection and I love the way it turned out! It’s a pretty small space so we kept everything the same color instead of breaking up the walls with different colors and changed out the aluminum window making the tiny bathroom appear just a bit bigger. The light in there is magic & I love the pop of bronze from the fixtures!