cape cod house | renovation progress

This last week we finished tiling the bathroom. If you’ve been following along, we were going to shiplap the bathroom, but decided to subway tile instead for better moisture protection and I love the way it turned out! It’s a pretty small space so we kept everything the same color instead of breaking up the walls with different colors and changed out the aluminum window making the tiny bathroom appear just a bit bigger. The light in there is magic & I love the pop of bronze from the fixtures!

before & after | the craftsman part 1

Two years ago we bought our first home. I remember the day we moved in was a family event with every Nelson and Grush helping us. It was momentous for us- 5 months pregnant standing on the porch of our first home where we would start our family & create so many memories within these walls.

We got right to work trying to do as much we could before Ivy’s arrival. The dining/living area was first. The original wood floors were painted white, but preserved all these years under carpet. Billy sanded them down and they are one of my favorite things about our home. A lot of the molding was torn out, but these big picture windows were still intact, so we re-created the molding throughout the room from wood found at a salvage yard and stained it to match. I will forever love old homes and restoring all the character and history they hold.

The day we moved in ^ ūüôā

Throughout the demo process, the reoccurring question was, why!?, Why would you board up these cute little windows? The entire downstairs walls were covered in these tongue and groove cedar planks + popcorn ceiling + the biggest brick hearth you’ll ever see. I like to call the theme the original owners were going for, ‘medieval dungeon/I love sconces’ and they did such a good job. It was so dark, but now it’s filled with so much light!

We’ve been in this house a little over two years now and it’s been a slow process renovating our first home. I love being able to share all the hard work we’ve been doing, so stay tuned for more. We are finishing the backyard, last details in the kitchen, then onto the laundry room and bathroom!





green springs cabins | ashland, oregon

I think we are starting a new Nelson tradition! For New Year’s eve we celebrated the coming year in a log cabin surrounded by newly fallen snow each morning, a wood burning fire place and soaking tub that over looked the snow caked trees. I couldn’t have dreamed of anything more wonderful. We even got snowed in (they have snow plows to save you) Green Springs Inn¬†is a short drive from Ashland, Oregon nestled in the mountains. It’s the perfect winter getaway. If you don’t want to make the drive¬†to Ashland for food, the Inn has a restaurant or you can pack in some things and prepare your own meals. Each cabin has a kitchen, outdoor tub, fireplace and amazing views. Pack your sled and winter boots! I photographed each cabin and this one was my favorite. I loved the lofty master bedroom and the tub in this cabin had the best view!

sweet magnolia handmade

My dear friend, mama, maker, Julia of Sweet Magnolia Handmade. There are not enough beautiful words to describe this lady. I loved spending time with her in her happy place where she creates the sweetest, softest baby things. Check out her instagram and etsy here!

homemade soap + all purpose cleaner

You know those moments where you realize that you’re officially an adult or mom or … old? Like when you see high schoolers and they look like babies¬†or when you get excited about things like a new mop. I’ve been experimenting with essential oils and making our own household products. I love all things natural and herbal. It’s so interesting how we are given all these¬†plants, each with their own purpose, able to heal our bodies. Ive been reading things about cannabis oil curing children’s seizures who are seizing up hundreds of times a week- how miraculous, tea tree oil curing any fungus of the skin & frankincense curing cancer. I’m fascinated!

There’s so much to learn and play with. I’d love to hear how you use your oils too and I’ll be sharing once in a while what I’m doing over here.

To make soap all you need are¬†these foaming soap dispensers, Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap, water and any essential oil you like. I use Eden’s Garden ‘cleaning’¬†in these bottles to wipe down surfaces in the house, floors, counters,¬†everything. We don’t even have any other cleaners and it leaves everything so clean and smelling amazing, plus it’s non-toxic, double plus, it’s way cheaper to make it yourself. In our hand soap, I like to change the scent for the season, so for these winter months I’m using ‘fighting five’ (thieves), but my favorite blends are this, this and this.

To mix: for both the spray bottle and soap dispenser, I fill the bottle first with warm water almost to the top, then add a couple tablespoons of¬†Castile soap and 10-20 drops of whichever essential oil you fancy. That’s it!

*Jazz hands*