erickson family | grants pass orthodontics

There was something wonderfully different about this session, a feeling of calm joyfulness  & connection that shined out of them and it meant so much to me to be able to capture them just as they are. These parents are so very good and it was inspiring, moving to be able to see the love they have for their babies. This family is that salt of the town that you’re so thankful they are here and a part of where you live. Ashley is an amazing mother and teacher and Brent is an orthodontist. When I met him at my ortho consult it was so funny to think that people my age are doctors now, but here he was and he is so talented at his gift and has a heart for the people of our community. You just can’t help but love this family. You can view more of Brent’s work here, he’s seriously the best. I’ve had braces since August and I’m excited to share more of that journey with you.

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Great outdoor photography! nice place.

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