Oregon Coast Wedding Editorial ::: Grace Loves Lace

Taking these photos made my heart sing. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you are creating and being in the moment of your dream. It just made me so full of joy!

And it made me crave to do more, to dream larger and refreshed my soul.

The heart is hard to express, its passions and thrills of inspiration and excitement. It’s like a dance in my chest, longing to create, travel and be surrounded by beauty and nature.

One of my photographer fantasies has always been inspired by the movie Pride and Prejudice with Keira K. The way it was filmed has inspired me from the beginning. The scene where she is standing on the England moors, gah! It just gets me. 🙂

Gown from Grace loves Lace

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These are nothing short of perfection. This whole shoot is so ethereally beautiful! Amazing Laura!

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