pregnancy essentials

Mama! Growing a baby. Is there anything more miraculous?! I will forever be in awe of how incredible our bodies are and that we get to be a part of this beautiful miracle.


Here’s a few things that I loved during those nine months!


Ina may’s Guide to Childbirth

The womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Supernatural Childbirth – if your spiritual and fearful. I was so afraid of miscarrying again, the verses and hope in this book helped.

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, we took a three month class with a Bradley instructor and it was one of the best decisions! You can check here to find a class in your area.

Happiest Baby on the Block

Bringing Up Bebe– just for fun 🙂

Hydro flask– keeps your water ice cold, forever! So amazing during those summer days!

Sea-Band– I was pretty nauseous from week 7 to 13 and these helped a lot!

Food journal- once you are out of that first trimester it’s good to start getting those 80grams of protein a day
(now that you can eat more than a grape without throwing up) and keeping a journal makes it easy to add up the grams! You can google any food and it will tell you the grams of protein.


Minerbs mama bundle. The mama glow serum and rose water are my favorite products to indulge in.

Protein powder– all I ever wanted to eat was fruit (& doughnuts) so smoothies were my go to and you can add so many extra things to get protein. I love hemp and pumpkin seed protein powder (whey is from cows milk, so we don’t use it) you can also add chia seeds, hemp hearts and spirulina powder! Having a smoothie helped my morning sickness so much. Having it first thing before the nausea would hit would actually prevent it for me.

Coconut oil or any carrier oil you can find at your health food store. Jojoba is a good base oil and doesn’t clog pores. I was a bit ocd with slathering my belly all day long, but I didn’t get one stretch mark (don’t hate me, I do have one boob bigger than the other now, soooo). Keep it on hand so you can rub it on your belly (dont forget your breasts too!) whenever it itches, instead of scratching, which can lead to stretch marks.

Peppermint oil– I would just carry this around with me that first trimester to smell when I was feeling nauseous

Pregnancy journal– writing to your future babe. The excitement, the struggles and joy, write it all. How amazing will it be for your child to be able to read about this precious time when they were in your belly!

Pregnancy tea after first trimester. Raspberry leaf helps tone the uterus to make for more efficient contractions during labor.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy massage- perfectly safe and so good for you! There are a couple trigger points that stimulate the uterus and your therapist knows them and that they are contraindicated for you…unless you’re at the end and trying anything to start labor:) While you’re at it, schedule a massage for after delivery. The day after Ivy was born it felt like I had whiplash from pushing for so long.

Prenatal vitamin, DHA, Iron (make sure to take iron a while after eating and not with any dairy because dairy binds it. Take iron with orange juice. Read this article here to learn more about folate vs folic acid.

You live in stretchy pants most days, but it’s nice to dress up the bump once in a while. ASOS has super cute maternity clothes!

A nice body pillow to place between your knees while you sleep. Your joints are more loose, your belly is big and it can be so uncomfortable to sleep. My hips hurt so bad in bed but placing a pillow between them relieved that pressure on my hips.


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