silver falls state park

As an Oregonian it’s a bit shameful to admit, camping isn’t my favorite! No bathroom(although I’ve almost mastered peeing in the woods) no shower, frozen and that dew on the inside of the tent walls is the worst. BUT, over the years, ive grown somewhat fond of it. The peace that only nature can bring is something I treasure dearly & being married to a man and his outdoorsy family has been something so good for my spirit. I think also, having children makes these experiences so much more joyful because you can just see their eyes light up.

T h i s  is what makes life full. laura-nelson-photography-379 laura-nelson-photography-244 laura-nelson-photography-241laura-nelson-photography-242 laura-nelson-photography-245 laura-nelson-photography-248 laura-nelson-photography-249 laura-nelson-photography-251 laura-nelson-photography-252 laura-nelson-photography-240 Our first camping adventure with Ivy was to Silver Falls for Billy’s birthday and she loved it! Ivy is just a few weeks over one year here and has an adventurous spirit! Silver Falls is my favorite spot in Oregon besides our coast and Im dying to go back in fall! Even the drive in is one of the best, through all the rolling pastures and farm land of Silverton.

A few things that made camping with baby a little easier…

-A tub of toys she could bring in and out of the tent

-Wet ones wipes-witch hazel is kinda my hero

-Her bear suit or really cozy clothes and a beanie for the babe. I was pretty much awake all night keeping her covered with blankets and nursing/pacifying (always teething!) So bring extra blankets too. Sleeping on an air mattress can be cold so lay a blanket under you or maybe think about getting a foam pad instead.

Other than that, it was one of our easier trips because she could just run around all day. If you hike the waterfalls start at the North end where there’s less tourists. We got a super early start, you know, because the night was pretty rough, but that morning light coming through the trees made it all worth it!

also bring coffee!



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Thank you! Yes they are on film😊


So lovely, Laura! We’re the pictures above captured on film?

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