our pacific song | oregon coast on film

This summer we celebrated Billy’s birthday at the coast, our favorite place, our favorite beach. The variations of grey tones in the rocks & sand, the deep moody blues of the sea, air you can drink and the stillness of our coast is indescribable. When I’m there I feel like everything else fades away and the beauty of our surroundings washes over us. The moon pulls the tides and my body the same. I watched Ivy come alive. I don’t think she stopped running the whole weekend. Rolling, climbing, continuously laughing in the sand and we couldn’t stop smiling.

Where we stayed

Where we ate

I’ve been dreaming of a travel resource, a guid for Oregon and all of our Pacific beauties. I want it to be a curated collection of the west, a Pacific Song. I’ve made an Instagram and eventually, when I have a bit more time, want to make a separate website solely for all things westward.


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