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This Summer we decided to stay local and return to one of our favorite areas of Oregon. Rolling pastures of vines & queen anne’s lace, fields as far as you can see. The landscape West of Salem speaks to me in ways that I dream English countryside would. We stayed in Gaston, Oregon in a vineyard on a hill. The bedroom was surrounded by windows on every side connecting you to the hills and faced the sunset.

We love McMinnville. The thing that really sealed the deal for me wanting to visit here again was food. Paella to be exact. There’s no restaurants back home that make this traditional Spanish dish and I’m obsessed. It’s a foodie town and that’s kind of all I really needed to know.

We spent our days exploring different parks and going on drives through the countryside while Ivy napped in the car. We ate a lot and rested a lot. It was perfect.

Stayed here. It’s a lighthouse shaped tiny home on a hill in Beacon Vineyard. We loved their wrap around porch that overlooked the vines. Ivy could just run around while we relaxed on the porch each evening.

 I love these two Airbnbs as well… This one has the most amazing view and a pool. This one doesn’t allow children but is so fun for a romantic getaway.

Ate at Community Plate, a little too often, I think because it felt really laid back…they had a toy box & I just have a thing for focaccia bread. Everything they make is really fresh and delicious +beer. Win win! A couple other restaurants to wet your whistle: Thistle, Barberry(eggs benne!), Jem, Pure Vida…there’s too many!

Shopped here, It’s a beautiful old school house turned antique mall.

Played at this fun park in town that had a water pad. Ivy loved it!

You can head north to Newberg, just a few minutes away and go to a drive in movie! There’s nothing more fun than that in my book.

There are endless farms & vineyards to explore. We haven’t been wine tasting much these days with a toddler running around, more of a go buy a couple bottles and relax at the rental, enjoy the view, time in our life. We will eventually get back to our wine tasting days, I’m sure, but I will NEVER be the one spiting out my tasting in a bucket, what a waste! Until then I like the adventure of learning to travel with kids. It makes it more challenging at times, but most of the time it’s filled with more wonder & joy as they discover new places. It gives me new eyes for sure.

Red Ridge Farms – nursery, olive grove, farm stay & vineyard

Black Walnut Inn – this place is a dream! When the day comes that we get to stay overnight without kids, this baby is it!

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