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Why are guys so much more challenging to buy for? Billy & I have been together since we were sixteen so we’ve pretty much ran out of gifts to give each other. A few years ago we decided instead to give experiences. For our anniversary we went on a rafting beer trip at sunset here in town called ‘Paddle Pub’ and for our birthdays we always find a cabin at the coast to celebrate. Other ideas could be a couple’s cooking class, a snowy mountain cabin getaway, planning a back packing trip together or even just a romantic evening that’s out of your usual routine. Dance lessons, ski lift tickets, a day at the spa… We love this new tradition and it makes for such good memories. But still, sometimes you just want to have something for them to unwrap under the tree, so here’s my guy’s guide. It’s ok, I guess, guy stuff is just not as fun haha…except #9, that baby’s going under our tree this year. Don’t tell!

a little disclaimer…since I really have only ever known Billy, these gifts are obviously not for every guy, just the one I know 🙂

1) Chelsea looking shoes. I just think these kind of shoes are the cutest on guys, although a man the other day looked at Billy’s feet and called them elf shoes. Elves are cute though.

2) Leather wallet you can personalize

3) Bialette coffee maker: I can add this one to both lists right? It’s just that good!

4) Wood watch

5) Coffe brew pipe & stumptown beans

6) Day pack

7) Wendell Berry: maybe your husband reads? Mine just listens to podcasts 🙂

8) Rubber band gun: Stocking stuffer?

9) Growler: beer on tap!

10) Backpacker mag subscription

11) Multi- tool: comes in handy I guess, Billy loves his!

12) Well, these pictures are just for me, hubba hubba. Gap things… this, this, and this.

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