a year on film

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Being still has been such a challenge for me this past year. I am usually reflective and reminiscent as the year ends, but when I think back it all just feels swept up like the wind. How has it come and gone so fast? Looking back at these photos, oh how she has grown, though each day feels the same, there’s been so much change, so much. I cannot even process it all and even now, I find it so hard to quiet myself and just be. That’s something I want to be intentional with in this new year.

Our wild girl has grown from a baby into a toddler this year. From crawling, to standing, walking, now running. First words, first kisses, first steps, first plane ride, first beach and salty waves, first mountains, picnics and waterfalls. And so much more to come!

Life as three is more different than I imagined. It’s way harder, but also more beautiful in ways I’d heard it could be but couldn’t really imagine because we had never experienced life outside of us before. How my heart, my love, joy has grown is something otherworldly.


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Love! You will cherish these pictures even more as time passes. What a beautiful year!

So much beauty

I think it’s called MuMu. 🙂 There’s a link to it on my photography website if you look for their wedding:)


I’m curious, where is the bridesmaid dress you are wearing from?

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