a love letter to a house

Knowing we will be leaving this home in a few months or less has been making me savor the things I love most. Honestly, what is making it most difficult for me to leave here is the front porch. I’ve never had one and it wasn’t something we were looking for when we bought The Craftsman, but it’s come to be my most cherished space. Where we read books in the hammock, eat meals in the evening light and where so many wonderful days have been shared. Here is my love letter to you, my home.

Our beloved home,

You were our first home. We were 8 weeks pregnant when we first saw you and hoped with everything that we would get to call you our own. The home we celebrated the life in my belly and the home I labored for hours in until it was time to meet our girl. You are the home we brought our baby to after a week in the nicu. That first morning home in our bed, as three, I can’t even write it out without tears. It was the best moment of my life, hands down. Waking up with the morning light streaming in and seeing our girl sleeping between us. Me and Billy looked at each other and didn’t even speak, but we both felt the same. You’re the home where I feel like I’ve grown up, become a woman, a mama. Where I’ve been stretched and battled, loved and made new, always becoming something new.

I will always remember the night in our room before bed, holding Ivy and rocking her back and forth, kissing her neck and how she let out the sweetest giggle, her first laugh and we all just laughed together and kept kissing her. The home where Ivy took her first steps and looked at me with the brightest eyes of pride and surprise. I will never forget that joy we all felt.

You’re the home we found out we would have another little one in our life. Surprised, happy. You’re the home I’ve always hoped for and become the home I could have never dreamed of. You’re more than walls, you’re part of every good & perfect memory. You’re part of me for always.

Love you forever, the crazy lady with all the rugs.

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