loving from a distance

Removing something from my life that’s been the center for so long I couldn’t see how much it was affecting me negatively.

Saying goodbye to my camera.

Still a little hard to say, but the freedom in selling most of my gear has been liberating. I didn’t realize how freeing it would be till I finally took down parts of my site and announced I was stepping away for a while. Once it was official, peace and a little adrenaline flooded in, relief.

I have been so discontent with everything from my small town of no possibility to even at times, the weather and trees😆. Saying no to something I thought was my life’s passion has made me so weirdly happy and it’s kind of confusing! The daily striving to succeed, be valued, be somewhere else, the competition and drama. It’s over and it’s amazing:)

Not sure what the point of sharing all this was, but if something in your life isn’t sitting right, take time, lots of time if you need, to step back and really look at everything. Whats consuming your thoughts and causing reactions, these negative feelings. If you find something that’s a constant source of anguish or destructive thought  then remove it. If you can’t remove it for some reason, love it from a distance and heal.

It was hard at first to even think of possibily quitting my dream, the only thing I feel truly good at… but as time went on, hurtful things kept happening, further confirming that my vocation wasn’t right…this wasn’t supposed to cause more pain than joy. And as the months have gone there have been changes in my heart & mind  happening too, new ideas and dreams to aspire, learn, a hint of direction. So if you’re in a place of discouragement and constant struggle to find joy in your work, there’s is something else for you, so many things. Find the thing that will bring you true peace and joy or maybe one day if you wait it will come to you and when it does, grab onto it.




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If you make it over to Spokane, please stay with us! Although, admittedly, Eastern Washington is not nearly as charming as Southern Oregon. ☺️ Glacier National Park is so incredible, but it’s a trek, even for us! Maybe close to 5 hours east.

If you need any recommendations, you have my email. 😉

You are the sweetest and I wish we lived closer. I’m am so happy you came down this summer and I know we will meet again. I’ve been wanting to explore Washington!

I will definitely always have a film camera and be taking photos 😊 I could never ever stop!

You always know just what to say and I appreciate you and your heart so much! Xo


Oh and I hope you continue this blog. I love it so much!


Oh Laura, this makes me feel so grateful that I was able to reconnect with you this past summer. I cherish the pictures that you took so much… I spend time looking through them at least once a week!!

I admire you so much for making a difficult decision. Sometimes when we let go of things like this, we find that they make their way back to us in the most roundabout way. Southern Oregon is so lovely–I envy you so much!! I hope that life moves slow for you and that you can really savor this precious season with your family. You are so gifted with a camera, but I am certain that this is not the only talent that you have to share. You have an eye for beauty and light, and this will serve you well in all that you pursue.

Whatever you do, I hope that you keep a film camera around to capture memories with your family. These will become family treasures!

So happy to read you are experience the peace that comes from letting go! <3 Praying for blessings & contentment as the Lord gives you a new dream, and as He shows you just how false that lie (that you are only good at one thing!) really is. I love you!! <3 <3 <3

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