summer skin

“Home is the nicest word there is.” -Laura Ingalls Wilder

This season of life has brought with it a different pace and one that at first was so foreign but now is refreshing, slower, richer and full of meaning. As summer ends, a years gone by, and I truly feel like a mother. Content celebrating and savoring each day, so simple but full of love.

H a p p y.

I have a path, a sense sailing true north. Making a  h o m e.

I’ve never been more at peace simply being here. Present exactly where I am in life and holding on to each day, actually living and not concerned with things going on outside these walls, but being absolutely enamored with the love we make with in them.  img_1036 img_1120

img_9862 img_9888


img_0929 img_0977 img_1023

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