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Two years ago after having Ivy and only doing a wedding here and there I decided to step away from photographing weddings and fall completely into being a mama. It has been two years of peace away from the feelings of failure. Feeling like I failed because I could no longer travel for all the weddings, failure because I could only book one or two jobs here in my small town. It’s the best decision I could have made for myself, but I’ve missed photography at times, the process of shooting film and lives so much. Not enough to run the race against all the local photographers, but enough to say that I want to photograph people again. It’s a part of me and something I’ll never stop. Film has captivated me since the beginning, when I first started weddings almost 10 years ago and it will always be something that gives my heart life. Something I’ve really learned about myself and my happiness in this time of life is that creating is a big part of me, my joy and without it I have really hard days. Simply creating the simplest thing, like making a wreath or photographing my own child, pottery classes & anything with flowers…all these things heal me and give so much in return. All this to say I want to do more of what I love. I’m not really feeling big weddings yet, even though I love them so. I am open and longing to photograph life again…intimate maternity & motherhood photos, lifestyle shoots in your home with your littles, creatives doing what they love. In the last three years I’ve gotten to photograph more brands, florists, makers, mothers and it’s been wonderful. These are the things that bring me joy to capture. So if you happen to see this and you happen to love what I do, then let’s make magic happen.

p.s. I don’t live anywhere near Portland, but if I did I’d be rich!

Portrait sessions


All shot on film with digital files

Includes 4.5×6 prints

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